Sustainability at KALDEWEI


Modern luxury needs sustainable thinking and action.

Modern luxury that corresponds to the spirit of the times must include sustainable thinking, management and action. We know that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, rather, they complement each other.

KALDEWEI stands for the symbiosis of luxury and sustainability.

We call it:

LUXSTAINABILITY® is a term derived from the English terms Luxury and Sustainability.

Luxury stands for meaningful, seductive designs and elegant products that delight the user for a long time due to their function. Sustainability stands for careful use of the world’s resources during the production process. A long product life combined with recyclability is the premier class, because then a product will have delighted an owner for decades before it starts its journey again as a raw or valuable material and is born again without any reduction in quality.
For KALDEWEI, this means consciously opting for recyclable design and high-quality materials. That is why our bathroom objects are made of steel enamel and stand for long-lasting quality with an exquisite surface.



KALDEWEI steel enamel is steel and glass,
made from minerals, iron ore and sand

Our material is our DNA. KALDEWEI steel enamel is steel and glass, made from minerals, iron ore and sand. We are the only manufacturer in the world to have developed the formulation for the enamelling ourselves and produce exclusively made in Germany at our location in Ahlen.

Bathtubs, shower surfaces and washbasins made of exquisite steel enamel are plastic-free, extremely durable and 100 percent recyclable at the end of a long life cycle. Good for your bathroom and good for the environment.



Sustainable developments begin with the design and the choice of materials. This is where it is decided how recyclable a product will be at the end of its life cycle.


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With professionalism, passion and respect, we work every day to provide demanding, future-oriented people with luxurious and sustainable sanitary solutions. Our guide: The KALDEWEI Code of Conduct.


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Is circularity the solution for our plastic problem? Together with you, Franz KALDEWEI and Christoph Heinrich, we talked about whether circularity is the solution to our plastic problem, how the economy, but also individual households, can succeed in avoiding plastic and what significance reusables can have in solving the problem.


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For companies like us who, as a family enterprise, have been transforming natural raw materials into long-lasting, timelessly beautiful products for more than 100 years, sustainability is firmly and inextricably enshrined in our DNA. Especially since our enamelled steel is probably the most sustainable material for sanitary products, is 100% recyclable and consists itself of 20% recycled steel. So it is only logical to make products and transport just as resource-friendly and always to work for more sustainability in the industry.

KALDEWEI is a pioneer in the sector on the way to climate neutrality. The company has not only set ambitious targets here. KALDEWEI also creates important preconditions, so that the construction industry will become climate neutral as soon as possible. For instance, with the new process huge cuts in CO2 emissions can already be achieved during steel manufacturing. KALDEWEI is the first bath manufacturer in the world to use the climate-friendly steel in its production.

We use climate-friendly steel for our bathroom solutions

KALDEWEI currently uses two different types of steel for its environmentally-friendly bath solutions.

  • thyssenkrupp steel supplies us with steel from the series bluemint steel, as the first customer worldwide. At thyssenkrupp this steel is manufactured completely CO2-free*. We use the climate-friendly bluemint steel to make the KALDEWEI Limited Edition nature protect, and up to now we are the only bath manufacturer who passes on the CO2 reduction to the customer in the selected product.
  • With XCarb steel from ArcelorMittal, we are taking another step towards climate neutrality.

Sustainable construction is the new standard

KALDEWEI is a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) which takes a useful life of 50 years as the basis for its building certification. Based on the DGNB’s innovative lifecycle analysis, KALDEWEI products score high, not least because of their 30-year warranty. Internationally, we are involved in the US Green Building Council (USGBC), which developed the recognised standard LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Nature Protect Edition

Our premium products made of CO2-free* or climate-friendly steel herald a new era in sustainable bathroom planning. 

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EPD Product declaration

KALDEWEI is a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) which takes a useful life of 50 years as the basis for...

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Awareness of eco-friendly building and renovation has never been higher. In the bathroom people would...

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Madaster ecosystem

The premium bathroom manufacturer KALDEWEI is one of the first 17 “Kennedys” in the Madaster ecosystem...

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Sustainability Leader

KALDEWEI is the first bathroom supplier to receive the best possible rating in the Leader Level of the Marriott...

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Social commitment at KALDEWEI


As a family company, we think beyond the impact of our actions. We think about future generations and the kind of environment that we will leave behind for them. That is why we have always been socially committed.

We have maintained a partnership with the WWF for many years and together we launched a marine-protection programme as a model project in the Mekong Delta, which will sustainably and effectively reduce plastic waste pollution in the world’s oceans. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is funding the project.

Find out more about our cooperation with the WWF, the signing of the Science Based Targets for climate protection and other important projects for our environment and society.

Mekong Delta

KALDEWEI is the first German bathroom manufacturer to be involved in these areas at international level...

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Skeleton Sea

Skeleton Sea, a group of surfers in portugal, is fighting to clean up the oceans. Their art installations made...

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WWF Cooperation

The WWF and KALEDEWEI are promoting waste separation in the MEKONG DELTA. To prevent 2,300 tons of...


SBTI Initiative

KALDEWEI is the first company in the sanitary industry to sign the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). By doing...

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Bluemint Steel

KALDEWEI increases sustainability in luxurious bathroom design with the new bluemint® steel from thyssenkrupp...

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54.000 trees

The 54,000 newly planted trees can absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and purify the air and water because of their very...

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* In the steel plant