Nature Protect

The Limited Edition from KALDEWEI.

Our premium products made of climate-friendly steel herald a new era in sustainable bathroom planning. With the nature protect edition, choose the highest quality with a significantly lower CO2 footprint. Join our path to more LUXSTAINABILITY®! 


Climate-friendly KALDEWEI steel enamel is steel and glass, made from minerals, iron ore and sand.

KALDEWEI consistently and very passionately pursues an important sustainability target: making all bath solutions out of climate-friendly steel. To achieve this we have spoken with our suppliers and can use not only CO2-free* bluemint steel from thyssenkrupp but also CO2-neutral XCarb Green Steel from ArcelorMittal in our production. And we are continuing our intensive cooperation with our steel suppliers to purchase as much of these types of steel as possible and use them in our production. The aim is even more climate-friendly KALDEWEI bath solutions, which we pas onto you in the form climate-friendly products or sustainability certificates.

Two types of steel – one goal: less CO2 for a future worth living in

100 percent CO2 is saved* in the steel production at thyssenkrupp. If the emissions from the upstream chain such as extraction and transport of the raw materials are taken into account, KALDEWEI’s final product has a 70% lower CO2 footprint according to the internationally recognised Green House Gas Protocol (GHG). The MIENA washbowl, the PURO and PURO DUO bathtubs and the new SUPERPLAN ZERO shower surface are now available in a limited edition under the sub-brand KALDEWEI nature protect. KALDEWEI manufactures them using blumint steel from thyssenkrupp. With XCarb Green Steel from ArcelorMittal the project-based CO2 reductions made by ArcelorMittal are converted into an equivalent volume of XCarb Green Steel certificates, which can be purchased by steel customers. This enables the Scope 3 emissions of the steel processers to be reduced in accordance with the GHG Protocol.



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Puro / Puro Duo

The PURO product series stands for straightforward, timeless design. The bathtubs made of precious steel enamel are a companion for life: extremely robust, durable and sustainable. Made with climate-friendly bluemint® pure steel from thyssenkrupp, you save an average of 59% CO2.

Superplan Zero

The shower surface masterpiece was designed by the Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger and impresses with its detailed restraint as well as comfortable and sustainable properties. Made with climate-friendly bluemint® pure steel from thyssenkrupp, you save 55% CO2.


The designer Anke Salomon was inspired by nature to achieve the slender shapes of the washbowl. That is because KALDEWEI steel enamel is steel and glass, made from minerals, iron ore and sand. With the climate-friendly bluemint® pure steel from thyssenkrupp, you also save 67% CO2.


With this new CO2-free* steel, KALDEWEI is giving its customers the opportunity to equip sustainably planned construction projects with climate-friendly bathroom solutions made of exquisite steel enamel, which are characterised by their long product life and particularly good CO2 balance. In addition, they are 100 percent recyclable. Luxstainability® means nothing less than the combination of luxury and sustainability. For KALDEWEI, this expression marks a future-oriented strategy within the entire sanitary production. From the company’s point of view, both aspects are decisive factors for contemporary bathroom design.

CO2-free bluemint steel*


The steel has a lower product carbon intensity of 0.6 t CO2eq/t, which means a saving of 70% compared to conventional thyssenkrupp steel.





According to the applicable guarantee conditions.


All products of the KALDEWEI Limited Edition nature protect are marked with a laser logo. The first projects are being implemented and demand continues to grow. Together with our partners, we will continue to promote the topic of sustainability in the future, and with nature protect, today there is already a climate-friendly solution on the way to zero emissions. This should also be seen as a corporate contribution to achieving the 1.5 degree target, which originated in Paris at the UN Climate Change Conference and has been signed by 195 countries since 2019.


“With the KALDEWEI Limited Edition nature protect we offer our customers bathroom objects with an outstandingly low CO2 footprint. Premium products that combine modern luxury in the form of exquisite materials and sensual design with sustainable thinking and action. We call this ’Luxstainability®’.”