Colours and Surfaces

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a space where many people seek regeneration and pleasurable relaxation. This can be achieved particularly well where a clear design vocabulary is used. Equally, warm and natural shades such as the KALDEWEI Coordinated Colours play a crucial role in creating a harmonious atmosphere in the bathroom. In addition to the shower surfaces and selected bathtubs all KALDEWEI washbasins are now available in the exquisite matt shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection, as well as in the standard bathroom colours. Being perfectly coordinated, KALDEWEI bathroom solutions thus bring tone on tone tranquillity and harmony to the bathroom.

Coordinated Colours Collection

This new collection of matt colours underlines the special character of our shower trays in an extraordinarily aesthetic way, setting new standards in sensory awareness and quality. In keeping with the current trends in tiling, the colours of the flush-fit showers in the Coordinated Colours Collection are perfectly coordinated to the tile colours available in the shops. Thanks to the tremendous range of colours for baths, shower trays and whirl baths, KALDEWEI can offer you lots of options for designing your bathroom to suit your own ideas. However, it’s not just the selection that appeals – so do the possible combinations.

In extending the Coordinated Colours Collection to its washbasin segment, the premium manufacturer is giving its customers even more individual scope for bathroom design because the colours collection offers an on-trend selection of natural shades – from earthy brown hues to greys to soft cream or elegant black. The shades in themselves are highly versatile, producing a harmonious and elegant effect if used in a low-key way or boldly applied to create striking contrasts in the bathroom. At the same time the washbasins are the “Perfect Match” for KALDEWEI’s coloured enamelled shower surfaces since they share the same colours and material. 

Luxury and safety

Our special features and accessories add a whole new dimension to relaxed bathing. Aesthetically shaped grips perfectly match the design of our various bathtub models and provide greater safety in the bath. As non-slip surface finishes, anti-slip and full anti-slip are fired permanently into the steel enamel and cover either a large section or the full base of the tub for secure footing. Relaxation continues after the bath with our Easy-Clean finish, making light work of cleaning the tub as the water simply runs off the steel enamel surface taking almost all dirt and lime particles with it. The result is a bathtub that is easy to clean with just a damp cloth, eliminating the need for harsh products.

KALDEWEI Secure Plus

Today’s modern bathrooms are designed not only with functional aspects in mind; they must also meet the user’s idea of aesthetics and design. An important factor here is individual adaptation to the varying lifestyles and situations of people. A world first, KALDEWEI Secure Plus from KALDEWEI for the first time provides enamelled shower surfaces in the twelve exclusive matt colours of the Coordinated Colours Collection with a virtually invisible, yet reliable anti-slip finish for optimised safety underfoot. A floor-level shower surface with KALDEWEI Secure Plus therefore has advantages not only in terms of comfort and barrier-free access; it also guarantees design-oriented aesthetics in the bathroom. 

* Actual product colours may differ slightly from those illustrated due to the monitor settings.