Dream bathrooms

Dream bathrooms


Bathroom design, the modern bathroom, beautiful bathrooms: bathroom ideas for modern bathrooms

A dream bathroom is a bathroom in which you feel happy about absolutely everything. Real dream bathrooms are therefore more than just beautiful bathrooms. They are bathrooms whose elements, layout and functions are optimally aligned with your habits and preferences. On the basis of the most beautiful showcase bathrooms, we reveal how you can fit out and comfortably furnish your bathroom in a modern way. Individual design is playing an increasingly important role in the bathroom sector. In order to fulfil the wishes and above all the creativity of end customers, KALDEWEI launched its online bathroom planner on its website last year. This now offers an even better planning service and has been expanded to include useful and exciting features.


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Discover the dream bathrooms

Discover how you can design your bathroom in such a way that it makes you happy every day – with modern bathroom design and fantastic bathroom ideas to suit every taste and room layout. Our bathroom photos show you enchanting showcase bathrooms that, best of all, are dreams that really can be fulfilled!

Beautiful bathrooms – tips for your new dream bathroom

Making use of space: one of the hallmarks of modern bathroom design is that the best possible use is made of the available space.

Large tiles: large wall and floor tiles are right on-trend and work particularly well in large bathrooms.

Light and colour: with the right lighting and colour you’ll get even more out of your bathroom, and the room will have a gorgeous feel. Choose ceiling or wall lighting depending on the room. In modern dream bathrooms, you will often also find light used to exciting effect in a floor-level shower. Our tip: small bathrooms in particular need lots of light.

Furniture: modern bathroom furniture provides ample storage space. Important: only choose furniture that is specially designed for use in damp rooms. Normal furniture is not. The materials used for modern bathroom furniture are specially suited to bathrooms.

Shower in a barrier-free bathroom: floor-level showers are an absolute must in the modern bathroom. The timeless design ensures that it will stay in style for many years to come.

The trend for wood: the use of wood and other natural materials in the bathroom is both stylish and fashionable but they have to be specially treated for use in the bathroom so that they can withstand the high humidity.

Tiling: tiles are ideal for the walls and floor of the bathroom. When it comes to a floor-level shower, however, tiles cannot compete with a modern shower surface either in terms of hygiene or longevity.

Luxury: can’t small bathrooms be luxurious too? Of course they can! By choosing the right fit-out, even in a small bathroom you can enjoy superior style and sublime comfort. It doesn’t always have to be a freestanding bathtub. It’s just a question of designing the bathroom correctly.

Style: choose a washbasin, lavatory, bathtub and shower in the same design and fittings from the same range. That way your bathroom will have a stylish, consistent feel.

Dream bathrooms

No matter what wishes you have for your bathroom – be it a barrier-free bathroom, with or without a bathtub, with a large or small shower, a freestanding bathtub, a small, large or twin washbasin, striking or indirect lighting, a wellness oasis with a touch of luxury such as an electronic bidet-toilet, a simple guest lavatory for a small bathroom, extravagant fittings, lavish or muted colour, for large or small bathrooms, with lots or little space for bathroom furniture, functional in a smart home or rather a classic bathroom: KALDEWEI offers a wide selection of showers, washbasins and bathtubs for your modern bathroom. With the right design inspired by our modern bathroom ideas, you can turn your new bathroom into the best-loved room in the house.

Be it airily light, inspired by earthy shades or opulent – there are a thousand ways of designing your dream bathroom. Depending on room size or colour preferences, no one bathroom is like another. And that’s a good thing. Get inspired, get a feel for the latest bathroom trends, and get some ideas for your bathroom! Whether it’s a bathroom makeover or a new bathroom: with the help of our gallery, you can give your bathroom a completely customised and distinctive design, and make your dream come true.

Did you know? What does “modern” actually mean?
The term “modern” is perhaps a little less superficial than you might think. We use it to describe something that’s absolutely up-to-the-minute. So when used in connection with the bathroom, the word “modern” refers not only to the style, design and look but also means cutting-edge in terms of technology and functionality. In other words, if you have a modern bathroom you will not only be on-trend but you can also be sure that your products aren’t technologically outdated either. That’s why “modern” is the best basis for designing and fitting-out your future-proof bathroom.