Dream bathrooms
The Hong Kong bathroom

The Hong Kong bathroom

An elegant marble floor, warm wooden elements and black accents combine with the eye-catching products made of steel enamel to create a luxurious symbiosis.

Immerse yourself in the Asian charm of Hong Kong’s metropolis.


Eye-catching bathtub

Our free-standing CENTRO DUO OVAL bathtub looks particularly sophisticated on the elegant marble floor in this dream bathroom. With its white colour, it puts the icing on the cake and impresses with its bright and tasteful appearance. A soothing bath in this eye-catcher with a view of the Hong Kong skyline promises pure indulgence. Calm, green accents complete the room.


Sophisticated and stylish

Black and white form a luxurious symbiosis in this bathroom. Our MING washbowls bring elegance and individuality to every bathroom. Thanks to the wide range of colours you can always find your perfect match. The timeless, black washbowls offer the perfect contrast to the bright room. With cleverly placed decorative elements and the right lighting, this bathroom becomes a perfectly shaped and breathtaking space.


Just feel

Water and air combine to create a personal, individually tailored well-being massage. Thanks to their silent operation, the whirl systems are very quiet and allow complete relaxation. The whirl jets fit perfectly into the elegant overall picture thanks to their uniform colour scheme.

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Safety and elegance

The curved grip presents itself aesthetically in an extraordinary design. The high-quality, solid grip is used for additional comfort when bathing and for increased safety when getting in and out.

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