Dream bathrooms
The penthouse bathroom

The penthouse bathroom

Subdued colours, wooden elements and inspiring designs combined with dark KALDEWEI products result in a particularly elegantly designed bathroom. This impressive sleek style is created with intelligently placed lighting elements.



Light coloured tiles on one side and dark walls with unusual wooden elements behind the washbasin transmit a calm and relaxed feeling. Simply lie in the bathtub and let the surroundings and the view seduce you: this is what luxury is all about. The sustainable bathroom objects made from recyclable KALDEWEI steel enamel result in a very special combination of luxury and sustainability. For us this is LUXSTAINABILITY®.



Dark and light combined

Our NEXSYS shower surface nestles inconspicuously but nevertheless notably into the design of this dream bathroom. The colour “warm grey 70” from our Coordinated Colours Collection perfectly complements the combination of wall tiles, floor and shower surface. The bright, pleasantly coloured tiles form a contrast to the NEXSYS. The dark shower partition and the concrete-coloured background, on the other hand, flatter the colour of the shower surface. With the NEXSYS, the panel and the shower surface can be ordered in many different colours. This means that the right choice of colour and equipment for the bathroom can be found for all needs.



Calm design - Relax in luxury

The PURO DUO bathtub as an integrated variant nestles beautifully in the light stone. The uniform colour scheme of the wall and the contrast of the dark window shutters create a calm atmosphere. With the small integrated shelf and the plants on it, nature comes into this dream bathroom and relaxes the ambience. The PURO DUO has the waste in the middle and two identical sloping backrests, so that two people can take a warm bath at the same time without any difficulty. The classic square variant of the PURO DUO is wonderfully suited to continuing the clear design of the bathroom with the sanitary products made of steel enamel.

Puro Duo

Relax the room concept with different forms

The mix of light and dark colours in this dream bathroom also has a remarkable effect on our PURO built-in washbasin. The dark wall and the PURO washbasin in “warm grey 70” from our Coordinated Colors Collection complement the light wooden elements and the floor perfectly. The washbasin was designed by Anke Salomon and impresses with its puristic design. Like the bathtub, the washbasin also has a timeless and clear shape and impresses in the room. The unusual arrangement of the tiles behind the washbasin draws the attention of the beholder. The otherwise very clear and uniform floor and wall surface is broken up by vertical and horizontal tiles. The wooden elements also have a positive influence on the design of the sleek style dream bathroom.


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