Bryan Adams photographs KALDEWEI

KALDEWEI’s collaboration with the Canadian rock musician and internationally acclaimed photographer Bryan Adams is entering its third phase. The MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO was thoughtfully staged during the shoot in Berlin. After the two KALDEWEI campaigns for the Ming and Miena washbowls in 2020 and for the Superplan Zero shower surface, the quiet enjoyment of private bathing moments is now being staged.

Photographer and rock star Bryan Adams is photographing for KALDEWEI for the third time and completes the trilogy of bathroom staging.

The new campaign impressively puts the free-standing MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO bathtub on centre stage. After all, that is what free-standing bathtubs are all about: they are the centrepiece of a room. In the new images, the bodies of the key characters in the MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO premium bathtub can be clearly seen, but their faces are turned away and remain hidden from the viewer’s eye. That leaves room for imagination.



The MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO combines organic design with uncompromisingly durable materials. The free-standing bathtub is made of 100 percent recyclable titanium steel. Thanks to the perfectly developed technical craftsmanship of the KALDEWEI factory at the production site in the heart of Westphalia, the engineers have succeeded in creating this durable and at the same time delicately floating masterpiece made of glazed titanium steel.

Meisterstück OYO DUO

Bryan Adams shoots from a distant perspective so that the model’s entire body is never visible. This seeks to gives the impression that the bare arms and back merge with the bathtub in a luxurious yet intimate spa moment. The claim of the campaign “Enveloped in sustainable luxury” not only refers to the perfect me-time, but also, with the new motifs of the OYO DUO, to the completion of the KALDEWEI trilogy of washing, showering and bathing. 


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