Quality of life can’t be measured in square metres. For Kyra and Theo Van Nyland their new bathroom is sheer luxury.

Couple sitting on a sofa with a small child and a pug.
Photo: Evelyn Dragan
Text:Christiane Winter

CONTROLLER Theo Van Nyland always keeps a close eye on costs, not just in his job. “I love completing satisfying business transactions”, he says. So it was a double stroke of luck when he and his wife Kyra, who works as a paediatrician at the local hospital, found their period apartment in Freiburg. It wasn’t just attractive, it was also affordable. “Our landlord was really nice. When he moved abroad a year later, we put in an offer and got it for a very fair price”, says Theo Van Nyland.

Then Tilman arrived, now a pre-schooler and prone to scattering his toys all over the flat. “As he grew, we looked around and started thinking about how our apartment is structured”, explains Kyra Van Nyland.
“It’s strange that one always seems to accept the rooms and their functions in an apartment as unchangeable. A living room is a living room, the kitchen is the kitchen, and the bathroom is definitely the bathroom. At least, so you think.“


„I’ve always dreamed
of a bathroom with lots of light.
It wasn’t until we bought our flat
that this dream came true.“


„We simply swapped two rooms:
the new bathroom is where
the kitchen used to be.“

A friend suggested swapping the rooms around. “Chuck out the kitchen and put a bathroom in there! With stylish materials and black-and-white tiles for the floor.” And what about the kitchen? “We tore down the wall between the old bathroom and the living room and made one large room”, says Theo Van Nyland. “Now, it’s an open-plan kitchen cum living room.”

This solution made two wishes come true: the new personalised bathroom with a shower and large bathtub has transformed the family’s quality of life. “It is so light, airy and sleek, so spacious. It’s a whole new ambiance”, raves Kyra Van Nyland, who admits to spending more time here than ever before.

Four photos: A couple looking at each other
Photo: Evelyn Dragan
view into the living room on a black and white carpet and a green chair in front of a white window / black board with white letters on a white sideboard
Photo: Evelyn Dragan
a young child with curly hair sitting at a table with Match Up cards
Photo: Evelyn Dragan

The square washbasin with sleek fittings resting on a vanity unit, the walk-in shower and the extra-large bath – the Van Nylands picked individual pieces that share a distinctive design. Everything harmonises beautifully.


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