A small bathroom with a shower – and a great design


The key to turning less into more is to focus on what’s essential. Peer Steingartner installed a large shower tray, which is separated only by a wall. “This bathroom is perfect for me”.

Man sitting with a huge photo book on a sofa.
Photo: Evelyn Dragan
Text:Christiane Winter

PEER STEINGARTNER is a production manager, a job that calls for a lot of travelling. He organises international film productions that demand a high degree of alertness and self-discipline. “I spend the entire day solving problems”, he says. “The cameraman needs a lighting rig, the leading actress hates the producer, the director of photography wants to work through the night…” After a busy day at work, Peer Steingartner loves to retreat to his personal haven, a loft in Berlin. He poured his heart into designing this flat, scouring the world for the perfect items. Like the curry-coloured sofa, which came from a film set in New Zealand. “I see so much as part of my job. The stylists and interior designers I work with know exactly what they need to create a certain atmosphere. I’m pretty sure that I’ve been inspired by some of that.” This sense of style is particularly noticeable in the design for his small bathroom, which is now a wet room with a walk-in shower, a toilet and large tiles.


“Unusual? Perhaps.
I never really thought
about that; it’s certainly
not mainstream.”

Six photos: Side view of a man sitting on a sofa in front of a wall in a loft  / Steel tubing chair with white fur in front of a loft wall / Loft with glass partition wall and curry-coloured sofa with the blurred figure of a man / A cactus and wooden spoon on a sideboard in front of a brick wall / A man sitting at a table with a large photo book / Looking into the bathroom with a white washbasin, wooden stool and a white shower tray with a wall with earth-coloured tiles.
Photo: Evelyn Dragan
Photo: Evelyn Dragan
Photo: Evelyn Dragan
Photo: Evelyn Dragan


“I have no time for patience.
I need to have everything ready
at my fingertips. Open.”


The wall-hung washbasin and vanity unit offer plenty of space to stand toiletries and even lay down towels. “I am particularly fond of these dark, earthen tones”, says Peer Steingartner. “Somehow, they’re rough, warm and authentic.”

Photo: Evelyn Dragan

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