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Château Holtmühle


Château Holtmühle

Located in Tegelen in the Netherlands, the Hotel Château Holtmühle allows its guests to immerse themselves in the romance of the Middle Ages, and make them feel like they are “king of the castle.” The luxurious character of the château is immediately evident as you approach across the moat and is equally tangible in the hotel bathrooms which feature elegant XXL shower surfaces made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel.

KALDEWEI’s floor-level Superplan XXL shower surface has been installed in the chateau’s 45 atmospheric rooms. While its generous dimensions afford lavish freedom of movement when showering, the virtually invisible Secure Plus finish renders the shower surface slip-resistant and secure underfoot.

Château Holtmühle Château Holtmühle Château Holtmühle



66 rooms

KALDEWEI products:

45 SUPERPLAN XXL with Secure Plus


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