Low energy building

Přední Výtoň Tschechien

Low energy building

In the South Bohemian municipality of Přední Výtoň in the Czech Republic on the banks of the Lipno reservoir, a low-energy holiday home with new apartments was built that combines comfort with respect for nature. What is special about the holiday accommodation: it uses very little energy and is therefore well thought out regarding sustainability. It is no coincidence that the apartments are equipped with KALDEWEI washbasins, as sustainability is also an important part of KALDEWEI’s corporate philosophy. For KALDEWEI, this means consciously focussing on high-quality design and recyclable materials. That is why the bathroom objects from KALDEWEI are made of steel enamel and ensure long-lasting quality with an exquisite surface.

The four apartments with intelligent home control have a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The interior designers have chosen a minimalist style that gives an impression of purity and luxury. Light tones, a combination of white surfaces with wood and marble-look tiles create an elegant and tasteful space.  This allows the design elements to come into their own in any room, be it the lighting, the sitting furniture or the sanitary fittings. In the bathrooms, the SILENIO washbasins from KALDEWEI in alpine white are staged on a wooden top and are a special eye-catcher. The apartments on the banks of the Lipno are not only a place of relaxation, but also an inspiration for everyone who, like the KALDEWEI brand, appreciates the combination of luxury, design and respect for nature. 

Low energy building Low energy building Low energy building Low energy building Low energy building
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Town/city:Přední Výtoň Tschechien

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