Casa Pyla


Casa Pyla

KALDEWEI enjoys the same good reputation among designers and creative people around the world as it does in the international hotel industry. This is also shown by the latest cooperation between the sanitary specialist from Ahlen and Karine Köng. The celebrated portrait and fashion photographer has equipped the bathroom area of her beach house in Pyla-sur-Mer on the French Atlantic coast with KALDEWEI. The Centro undercounter washbasin and the Centro Duo bathtub with the Sound-Wave bathroom audio system were used.

Casa Pyla can be booked as a luxury holiday spot or as a location for photo shoots and film shoots and has several bathrooms. Karine Köng and the architectural office l'Atelier d'Architecture du Bassin d'Arcachon have given the central bathroom on the first floor a minimalist look in soft grey. Once the floor plan was designed, the biggest challenge was designing a bathroom that would feel spacious despite its high ceilings and small floor area. Karine Köng opted for a steel enamel bathtub right from the start. “Steel enamel was my preferred choice because you can feel the value of the material with every touch and it can be 100 percent recycled after a long service life. The haptic experience is simply more pleasant than with acrylic bathtubs,” explains the photographer.

© Karine Kong

Casa PylaCasa PylaCasa PylaCasa PylaCasa PylaCasa PylaCasa PylaCasa PylaCasa Pyla
KALDEWEI products:

CENTRO Undercounter washbasin, Centro Duo, Sound Wave


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