Private bungalow

Private bungalow

The German-American designer couple Talitha and Michael Bainbridge have renovated a bungalow from the 1970s with a view to sustainability. In the bathroom, they opted for a shower surface and three washbasins made of recyclable steel enamel from KALDEWEI.

Sustainability and resource conservation play a major role for the design experts, both professionally and privately. “For our family home we made a conscious decision to renovate a bungalow and not to build it from scratch. Our approach is to generate less waste, which is a practicable and sensible way of sustainability for us. We have made sure that almost all products that we install in our house are first and foremost high quality and therefore durable and can be easily disposed of or even recycled when removed later,” explains Talitha Bainbridge.

The designer couple were immediately impressed by the design of the products, the quality of the steel-enamel material and the manufacturing process. Talitha and Michael Bainbridge decided in favour of two MIENA washbowls and a NEXSYS shower surface in the family bathroom. The space-saving CONO washbasin was used in the small guest bathroom, which impresses with its elegant green.

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Private bungalowPrivate bungalowPrivate bungalowPrivate bungalowPrivate bungalow

Interior design: ZWEI Design

KALDEWEI products:

2 MIENA rectangular washbowls, NEXSYS shower surface, CONO wall-hung washbasin

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