KALDEWEI is equipping the solar powered catamarans of SILENT-YACHTS with Miena washbowls. In October 2022, this latest generation, which includes the first electric yachts will set sail. KALDEWEI is bringing its LUXSTAINABILITY® concept from the sanitary mainland to the seven seas for the first time as also on board are KALDEWEI washbowls made of recyclable steel enamel.

The collaboration between the German bathroom manufacturer and the shipbuilding company is sustainable in the truest sense of the word, as both share high standards when it comes to ecologically responsible products. The vessels from SILENT-YACHTS are solar powered and electric which gives them the ability to cruise and operate with zero emission.

With KALDEWEI and SILENT-YACHTS, you have two partners who both consistently place sustainability and CO2 savings at the focus of their actions. It was not until autumn 2021 that KALDEWEI produced the first premium products from CO2-reduced bluemint® Steel. For this family business, Luxstainability® means nothing less than the combination of individual luxury and sustainability. The expression marks a forward-looking strategy within the entire KALDEWEI production. From the company’s point of view, both aspects are decisive factors for contemporary bathroom design, which is now being used for the first time in modern shipbuilding.



KALDEWEI products:

MIENA washbowl

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