KALDEWEI hotel survey: Key problem areas in the bathroom

KALDEWEI hotel survey: Key problem areas in the bathroom

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, October 2019. – Whether travelling on a holiday or  business trip, what really matters to hotel guests is a clean, hygienic bathroom. This was the result of a recent representative Forsa survey, commissioned by KALDEWEI. When asked about the most important feature of a hotel, almost two thirds of interviewees (62%) cited a clean bathroom. A large, comfortable bed trailed well behind (26%) followed by other amenities. There are, however, many sources of annoyance in hotels that reduce the pleasure of a stay. The answers to these “problem areas” show what really annoys guests; how hotels can reduce the risk of a poor guest review, what they need to avoid and what investments are really worth paying attention to.

Calling card: The bathroom is the most important aspect of the hotel room.
If guests are happy with the bathroom, the chances are they will return and recommend the hotel on-line. This promotes good occupancy rates and has a positive impact on the hotel’s image. At first glance, it might seem astonishing that for guests, the most important aspect is a part of the room where they only spend an estimated average of only six to 30 minutes per day. The results of the KALDEWEI hotel study, however, makes it clear: The bathroom — is the place where guests freshen up and where they end the day — and is therefor pivotal to a hotel’s success. Consequently, 95% of interviewees say that if the bathroom is unhygienic, they will not book the hotel again. Furthermore, 21% have given hotels a poorer on-line rating because of shortcomings in the bathroom. More than one third (36%) have already rejected hotels out of hand after reading poor bathroom reviews on-line.

The key problem area: a lack of hygiene in the bathroom
Be it hair in the plughole, mouldy grouting or a dirty bathroom floor – a poorly cleaned hotel bathroom was cited, by an overwhelming majority, (99%) as “very annoying” or “quite annoying”. 98% of interviewees are disgusted by spots of mildew on surfaces such as the shower, bath or washbasin. This is one annoyance that cannot ever arise with KALDEWEI steel enamel bathroom solutions – as proven by hygiene examinations by the inspection agency TÜV Rheinland. With glass-hard, non-porous surfaces, these enamelled washbasins, bath and showers are demonstrably more hygienic and easier to clean than conventional acrylic products or tiled showers. Thanks to the easy-clean surface finish, which comes as standard, with all KALDEWEI washbasins, washing residues have no chance of adhering to the surface and forming mould.

Guests dislike mould on grouting, moisture damage and discolouration
That is why hotels that have tiled shower areas need to be extra careful: the survey shows that the third and fourth most cited problem areas in hotel bathrooms are mildew spots on grouting and in the shower floor drain, and moisture damage. These are followed by inadequate water pressure and poor shower drainage which quickly leads to little floods. Many hotel users are also annoyed by discoloured and damaged bathroom products. Hotels can avoid these problems by installing steel enamel shower surfaces such as those from premium manufacturer KALDEWEI. Steel stands for robustness, toughness and the ability to keep its shape. Glass offers a superior look and feel, is resilient, easy to care for and hygienic. The perfect material for the hotel industry’s demanding standards.

Shortcomings in hotel bathrooms: many guests have already had bad experiences
Although the bathroom is pivitol to a hotel’s success, one in two interviewees has already had unpleasant experiences with defects: 51%  have come across mildew spots on grouting and 49% have been confronted with a poorly cleaned bathroom. One third of guests (31%) have even see examples of moisture damage in hotel bathrooms. One more reason for hoteliers to pay particular attention to choosing superior hotel bathroom solutions for their new projects or refurbishments.

Investment pays off: guests will pay more for a hygienic, well-appointed bathroom
Investing in the right bathroom solutions will pay off in the long term because, apart from hygiene (for 95% of those surveyed), the bathroom fit-out is what generates a hotel booking for more than half of interviewees (56%). In fact, 62%  – well over half of interviewees – would even pay more for a hotel which has modern, high-end bathrooms. More than one in two (53%) will dig deep into their pockets if bathrooms feature products with ultra-hygienic surfaces. Sustainability is also a very important issue for hotel guests: half the interviewees would like a bathroom fit-out with no plastics, preferring the use of natural, recyclable materials. According to the survey, 62% would even be willing to pay more for their rooms.

“As a partner for the international hotel industry, we advise investors, architects and hoteliers worldwide. With the survey results, we show  hoteliers how making meaningful investments can optimise their occupancy rates and thus the success of their hotels. Our long-lasting bathroom solutions made of KALDEWEI steel enamel with a 30-year guarantee satisfy guests’ wishes, while also being a worthwhile investment in the future,” says Roberto Martinez, KALDEWEI’s Chief Sales Officer.


Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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A recent representative Forsa survey, commissioned by KALDEWEI, reveals what guests value most in a hotel fit-out. A clean, hygienic hotel bathroom is top of the list for 62% of interviewees. Trailing far behind are: a large, comfortable bed (26%), high-end furnishings (6%), spacious seating and storage amenities (2%) and an extensive choice of entertainment (1%).



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According to the KALDEWEI survey, cleanliness in a hotel bathroom is imperative: Virtually all the interviewees (95%) say they would not book a hotel with an unhygienic bathroom a second time. For a small majority, (56%), the bathroom fit-out is a key factor when it comes to booking a hotel. One in two would prefer natural, recyclable materials to be used for bathroom fit-outs rather than plastics.


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Almost all interviewees (99%) say that a poorly cleaned bathroom is the most unacceptable shortcoming. The survey also showed that virtually all interviewees found mildew spots on shower, bath or washbasin surfaces “very annoying” or “quite annoying” (98%), or on grouting and the shower drain (97%). These points were closely followed by moisture damage (85%).

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62% of interviewees would pay more for a hotel if the bathrooms have a modern, high-end fit-out. More than one in two (53%) will dig deep into their pockets if bathrooms feature products with ultra-hygienic surfaces. According to the survey, 62% would be willing to spend more on their rooms if, instead of plastics, natural, recyclable materials were used for the bathroom fit-out.


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Seamless enamelled shower surfaces such as the KALDEWEI Nexsys or Conoflat offer maximum protection against moisture damage and mould. If a shower area has no joints, no moisture damage can occur and mould cannot form as a result of washing residue adhering to surfaces.

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The survey shows that one in two people would prefer natural, recyclable materials to be used for the bathroom fit-out, rather than plastics. That is why more and more hotels are choosing bathroom solutions made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel – a fusion of glass and steel – which are 100% natural and recyclable.

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Almost one in two interviewees (48%) said they had already complained at a hotel reception desk about defects in the bathroom while over one third (36%) have already given a hotel a poorer review because of the bathroom. Yet, there are easy ways of banishing dirt, limescale and mould from the bathroom. High-tech materials such as KALDEWEI steel enamel are demonstrably more hygienic and easier to clean than acrylic products or tiled showers. With the easy-clean finish that comes as standard with KALDEWEI washbasins, water simply rolls off – taking dirt and limescale with it.

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