KALDEWEI Conopool: individual bathing in new dimensions

KALDEWEI Conopool: individual bathing in new dimensions

Ahlen, March 2014. – Exclusive bathroom architecture in international luxury hotels is defined primarily by quality, individuality and ultimate comfort. As the leading premium manufacturer of baths, shower trays and enamelled shower surfaces KALDEWEI now adds Conopool as a new dimension to bathing: Never before have baths and whirlpools made of steel enamel been available in such generous formats. This latest pioneering achievement once more underscores KALDEWEI’s innovative capacity in the development of exclusive product solutions for the high-end luxury bathroom.

Large, larger, Conopool: the perfect blend of luxury and comfort
Be it in the luxury suite or the exclusive spa area – the new Conopool bath made of KALDEWEI steel enamel offers relaxation and comfortable bathing in the hotel. Styled in a linear, puristic design, it presents itself with a generously dimensioned interior complete with flush enamelled waste cover. The Conopool is manufactured to individual requests at the KALDEWEI production facilities. “The Chedi”, a high-end hotel recently opened in the Swiss town of Andermatt, therefore features Conopool baths in three different sizes of up to 200 x 130 cm.

Wellness experience for all the senses
To meet even the highest standards of guests seeking relaxation, the Conopool can be fitted with the KALDEWEI Vivo Turbo or Vivo Turbo Plus whirl system. Thanks to their special turbine jets, the whirl systems operate without the usual piping and pump. They are therefore extra quiet, with exceptional hygiene properties that make them ideal for use in the hotel. Illuminated turbojets additionally create a special ambiance in the whirl bath.

Intelligent optional extras further enhance the bathing comfort. The KALDEWEI Comfort Select electronic controls allow aspects such as precise setting of the water temperature and regulate the water inlet and outflow. The new Sound Wave bath audio system from KALDEWEI optionally adds a sound experience of unparalleled proportions: Sound Wave receives audio files from almost any Bluetooth-enabled device using the bath made of KALDEWEI steel enamel to act as a sound box. It literally allows guests to immerse in their favourite tunes and – alone or with a partner – enjoy the bath with all the senses.

KALDEWEI steel enamel: for superlative standards in luxury hotels
“The new Conopool bath is yet another case in point of KALDEWEI pushing the limits of manufacturing baths and shower trays made of steel enamel. KALDEWEI is now able to produce entirely new dimensions made of this superior material,” KALDEWEI’s head of Marketing Arndt Papenfuß states as he underlines the company’s innovation capacity. “It means KALDEWEI measures up to the superlative standards of individual and flexible bathroom design in luxury hotels. With Conopool we are emphasising quite particularly the value of a high-end bath.”

As all baths, shower trays and enamelled shower surfaces from KALDEWEI, the Conopool is made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel. The material defines itself by superior surface qualities: enamel looks as good as new even after years of daily use, it is exceptionally hygienic and very easy to clean. For additional safety underfoot, the surface can be finished with KALDEWEI’s special anti-slip coating. Products made by KALDEWEI therefore are an eminently safe, but also clean choice for hotels and their guests – guaranteed for 30 years.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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True greatness pays off: With sizes up to 200 x 130 cm, the new Conopool is one of the world’s largest baths made of steel enamel. Its generously dimensioned interior guarantees maximum freedom for an enjoyable bath while integrating harmoniously with its surroundings.

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The KALDEWEI Conopool is available with intelligent optional extras: Along with the KALDEWEI Comfort Select electronic controls, which allow aspects such as precise setting of the water temperature, the Sound Wave bath audio system adds unforgettable moments of customised musical entertainment.

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The Conopool can also be fitted optionally with the KALDEWEI Vivo Turbo or Vivo Turbo Plus whirl system. Special turbine jets operating without the usual piping and pump are extra quiet and score with outstanding hygiene properties.

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The illuminated turbojets create an ambiance full of character and style. The exclusive lighting concept turns the room into an oasis of invigorating refreshment for the body of the bather guaranteeing a very personal bathing experience.

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With or without whirl system: With its generous dimensions styled in a puristic look, the new Conopool blends functionality with sophisticated design.

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