Shower surfaces

Showering on a shower surface from KALDEWEI ensures a refreshing start to the day. A cleansing way to wind down in the evening after work, sport and leisure. By yourself. Or with someone else. Whenever and however you shower, we have the right shower surface for you. From floor-level showers at floor height to an elevated installation: KALDEWEI offers the right shower for every bathroom size and every interior decoration style.


KALDEWEI shower surfaces make it possible. See for yourself.



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Why a shower surface?

The contemporary bathroom requires one thing above all: individuality. And especially it is creative shower surface solutions that have become increasingly popular. Shower surfaces are the showers of today. And tomorrow. As the modern shower is floor-level, minimalist, elegant and easy to install. Only shower surfaces meet these high demands on modern bathroom design perfectly. They are a better alternative to a tiled shower because: A tiled shower area has joints in which dirt collects and which can thus impair the hygiene and water-proofing of the shower. A shower surface, on the other hand, is pure hygiene: The pore-free material prevents dirt deposits and is easy to clean. Innovative assembly systems enable uncomplicated installation and optimum sealing.


Shower: Which material?

Which material is the best for the shower?

Do not compromise on the material for your shower and choose robust and sustainable KALDEWEI steel enamel. A shower made of steel enamel offers optimum hygiene thanks to its pore-free surface. It is easy and perfect to clean. The inseparable connection of sturdy steel and resistant glass combines the strengths of both materials to form an ideal symbiosis, which impresses with its excellent appearance.

A very special characteristic of KALDEWEI shower surfaces is their sustainability: Our steel enamel is 100% recyclable.

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Shower: Size and shape

When buying a shower, the size of your bathroom is decisive. It determines how large your shower surface can be. The layout of the room is also important. Based on it you can choose the optimum shape of the shower. A very large, rectangular bathroom, for example, offers the possibility of integrating a large, rectangular shower surface. A quarter-circle or pentagonal shower, on the other hand, is ideal for a small, angled bathroom.

KALDEWEI shower surface sizes

Whether a small shower or a large shower: Our shower surfaces are available in a wide variety of sizes. The smallest shower surface in our range is 75 x 70 cm. The largest showers are real highlights with an area of 180 x 100 cm and 150 x 150 cm.

KALDEWEI shower surface shapes

Our shower surfaces are available in various shapes that fit perfectly into your bathroom.

Shower: Installation types

Floor-level showers are the current trend. But not every bathroom meets the same requirements for installing a new shower. Different demands require different solutions. There are three possible installation variants available for the KALDEWEI shower surfaces. 

Floor-level shower

Installation close to floor-level

Raised installation

Floor-level shower

Unlike shower trays, the floor-level shower surface merges with the bathroom floor and sets new standards in bathroom architecture. Choose from various ranges, surface variations, colours and an almost infinite choice of different sizes to create your very own dream shower.


Sustainable shower surface

KALDEWEI shower surfaces are made of steel enamel. Steel enamel is 100% recyclable. Only natural raw materials from environmentally friendly production are used for this.

As sustainability is a matter of course for KALDEWEI.

Shower surface colours

Whether alpine white or in individual colours: Our shower surfaces are available in a wide variety of colours. Our collection of matt colours underlines the special character of our products in an aesthetic way. Selected showers are also available in the unique colours of our COORDINATED COLOURS COLLECTION. You can use them to design your bathroom entirely according to your ideas. And create a place where you feel absolutely comfortable.


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Anti-slip shower surface

Our anti-slip showers combine stylish design with a anti-slip surface. The slip resistance offers optimum hold and blends in aesthetically with the design of the shower tray. The anti-slip surfaces for showers from the KALDEWEI range are barely visible and offer more safety when showering. They are particularly kind to the skin and perfectly matched to the shape of the shower surfaces.


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Red Dot Award

iF Product Design Award

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German Design Award

Steel enamel

KALDEWEI steel enamel combines robust steel and tough glass to form an inseparable bond that harnesses the strengths of each material in perfect symbiosis and looks just exquisite. KALDEWEI steel enamel guarantees lasting quality that remains irresistible day after day.


KALDEWEI offers bathroom products made entirely from natural materials, which means they can be completely recycled at the end of their long life. Sustainability is second nature to KALDEWEI and explains our firm commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing.


A beautiful bathroom is where we want to spend all the time in the world: today, tomorrow, even in 30 years, if you like. That’s why we guarantee timeless design backed by a unique quality promise for our KALDEWEI steel enamel.

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