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Bath audio system – SOUND WAVE

Bathe in sound.

Is there anything better than having a hot bath after a busy day and listening to music? YES! To bathe surrounded by your favourite music. Our innovative SOUND WAVE system makes just that possible: The bathtub is transformed into a refined speaker. And thanks to the water, the sound becomes even fuller. Enjoy a unique sound experience above and under the water. Dive in and feel the music!

Listen to and
feel the music

Listening is pure enjoyment. From the quiet rustling when the wind plays with leaves to a virtuoso violin concerto - with us music, voices and soft noises ensure relaxation and unique moments of well-being.

At KALDEWEI we have to combine the world of precious bathroom moments with sound and listening pleasure. SOUND WAVE is the ultimate combination of relaxed spa moments and a unique sound experience - above and below the water.

How Sound Wave works:

The bath audio system is installed together with the bathtub. Its six acoustic panels and two transducers are placed outside the tub using adhesive to prevent damaging the exquisite steel enamel. The transducers are connected to the receiver and control box, while the control box is plugged into a power source.

SOUND WAVE can wirelessly play music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device. The device (your smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC) must be within a range of ten metres. SOUND WAVE is simple to operate with your device. After activation and connection to the system, SOUND WAVE will then automatically recognise your device each time you use it again.


Step by step:

1. Activate the Bluetooth® function and start the search.

2. Select your Sound Wave.

3. Control playback and volume on your device.

Sound takes off!

Sound Wave not only impresses spa lovers. Sound professionals are also enthusiastic about it. That is why a KALDEWEI ensemble has moved into the warehouse studio in Vancouver that was opened by Bryan Adams in 1997. After finishing work, the musicians can enjoy the special mix of sound and relaxation there and literally immerse themselves in their new songs.

The Meisterstück CONODUO 2 with Sound Wave

in the warehouse studio in Vancouver.

Design highlight and sound experience in the SoLebIch apartment in the QVEST Hotel. Our Meisterstück INCAVA with Sound Wave

For those ultimate pampering moments after sightseeing - the freestanding Classic Duo Oval bathtub with Sound Wave in the 25 Hours Bikini Berlin.