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The best bath addition:
the pure power of water.
Vivo Vita

System description


One of the best counterbalances to the stress of everyday life is weightless floating in your whirl bath. In the VIVO VITA whirl system, a pleasant sparkling air stream flows through the water. Pre-warmed air rises from the base in tiny air bubbles. At the same time, numerous bubbles stimulate the nerve endings in the skin, which feels like a pleasant full-body massage.

This soft massage has a relaxing and soothing effect on your mind. In addition, the cleaning effect of the tiny air bubbles is significantly higher than that of a conventional bathtub. Whirl intensity can be smoothly adjusted using the bath keyboard, from the soft stroke effect to a lasting effect of stimulating vibration and shaking massage.

Red hoses are arranged in such a way that the whirl system empties completely when the outlet fitting is opened. In addition, the system is blown dry automatically after the whirl bath has been emptied. It is therefore not possible for moisture to remain behind.



  • Jets: Up to 12 base jets (air) for varying massage effects from gentle caresses to an invigorating full-body massage

  • Operation: Integrated keypad

  • Functions: Progressive massage intensity, interval timer

  • Cleaning: Integrated residual water drainage, automatic pipe drying cycle
Vivo Vita


Underwater LED spotlight (light: coloured including white) for whirlpool tubs

Underwater LED spotlight (light: coloured including white) for whirlpool tubs

An LED underwater spot provides white mood lighting for whirlpool and water. Spectral light as a further optional extra adds colour changing light for a soothing, therapeutic effect. Press button to select your preferred colour and immerse yourself in a relaxing ambience.

Waste and overflow fitting with integrated inlet

Waste and overflow fitting with integrated inlet

With integrated inlet, turn knob for waste operation, chrome visible parts.

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