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SUPERPLAN with low profile support

Less is more. The SUPERPLAN with low profile support is an impressive demonstration of this principle. With 37 mm in depth (shower tray with support), this product with a minimal edge height integrates harmoniously into any room situation.

Complete system configuration

The complete system consists of a shower tray and polystyrene support and may be completed with a waste fitting as required. Available in seven different sizes. The shower tray can also be provided with a special KALDEWEI surface finish.

Easy to install in just a few steps

The SUPERPLAN with low profile support is designed for easy installation in just a few steps, offering a simple and time-saving solution. The only floor cut-out required is a hole for the waste fitting. Position the support, bond to floor and shower tray, and finish by sealing the joints with elastic silicone. The complete system comprises all KALDEWEI components required for easy installation.

For almost any installation situation
The SUPERPLAN -5 is suitable for use in the most diverse installation situations. Fitted onto screed or wooden flooring, it can connect to tiles, PVC, wooden flooring or any other floor covering. If necessary, the system can even be installed on tiles.