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KALDEWEI has been setting bathroom trends for over 100 years. In 2019 we’ll be doing so again, with themes that affect us all. We’re talking about sustainability. About preserving our oceans. About genuine equal partnership. And about how we provide optimum support to both trade and end customers. It’s about experiencing material in a completely new way. And about boundless diversity – for the most personalised of all dream bathrooms.

NEXSYS – a completely
revolutionary concept.

There is no quicker and easier way to fit a floor-level shower surface with waste channel. Because NEXSYS is not simply a shower surface but rather a complete, installation-ready system. The components are already connected and can be installed immediately – including integrated waste channel and sturdy sloping support element.

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With KALDEWEI the world of showers has become even smarter, more colourful, bigger, more diverse and more individual. And more practical and securer too, thanks to lots of smart improvements for fast installation.

Credits: Evelyn Dragan, Skeleton Sea, KALDEWEI