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Kaldewei Press Page

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, March 2020.

Kaldewei Nexsys: the easiest way to get an exclusive channel shower

There is no easier or more secure way of having the extremely flat design of a channel shower in a bathroom than with the Kaldewei Nexsys shower surface with its exclusive colours and metallic accents....

Press – Releases

Asklepios architect Michael Scherer campaigns for sustainability in hospital construction

Ahlen, April 2014

Baths made of premium Kaldewei steel enamel grace rooms and suites

The Gritti Palace Hotel in Venice is a five-star establishment of the Starwood Hotels & Resorts Luxury Collection. It has enjoyed great popularity among diverse celebrities as far back as the 20th century: Ernest...

First virtually invisible anti-slip finish for enamelled shower surfaces made of Kaldewei steel enamel

Kaldewei Secure Plus from Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG, Ahlen, opens up a new chapter in surface finishes. The premium manufacturer now offers the first virtually invisible full-surface finish for...

Ahlen, April 2014

Enamelled shower surface with integrated wall outlet from Kaldewei sets milestone in modern bathroom design

Xetis, the new enamelled shower surface with integrated wall outlet from Kaldewei, celebrates a premiere in modern bathroom architecture. Harmoniously blending with the...

Ahlen, April 2014

Tiled showers are out: Bathroom planners opt for reliable material that combines quality with exclusive design language

Builders and modernisers today are increasingly shifting towards floor-level showers with easy, barrier-free access. Whereas tiled shower floors were still...

Ahlen, April 2014
Kaldewei introduces Cayono bath as new standard for tomorrow’s bathroom

The new Cayono is the latest addition of a comfortable Kaldewei bath that has what it takes to become a classic. The model from the company’s Advantage Collection appeals with modern design, uncompromising...

Ahlen, April 2014

Kaldewei introduces Scona in response to broad demand for enamelled shower surfaces and “democratises” floor-level shower design

Floor-level shower surfaces have long since become standard equipment in the bathroom. Kaldewei has been instrumental in shaping this trend with...

Ahlen, June 2014

Perfection in every detail: Free-standing Kaldewei baths feature seamless enamelled panelling for flawless perfection

Introducing its latest range of exclusive baths, Kaldewei presents “Meisterstücke” as a collection of masterpieces that uncompromisingly continues the brand’s very...

Ahlen, March 2014

Kaldewei pushes the limits of steel enamel manufacturing and demonstrates competence in generous dimensions

Exclusive bathroom architecture in international luxury hotels is defined primarily by quality, individuality and ultimate comfort. As the leading premium manufacturer of...

Ahlen, March 2014

Superplan with low profile support guarantees easy installation and flexible fitting options

Kaldewei now offers a new complete solution facilitating the installation of ultra flat shower surfaces: The Superplan system with low profile support consists of the enamelled shower...