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Kaldewei Press Page

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, March 2020.

Kaldewei Nexsys: the easiest way to get an exclusive channel shower

There is no easier or more secure way of having the extremely flat design of a channel shower in a bathroom than with the Kaldewei Nexsys shower surface with its exclusive colours and metallic accents....

Press – Releases

Ahlen, March 2014

New acoustic bath combines wellness with individual music enjoyment

The new Sound Wave acoustic bath from Kaldewei underlines once more the company’s role as a pioneer in bathroom culture. The first bath audio system introduced by the premium manufacturer enhances the experience...

Ahlen, March 2014

Premium manufacturer shows outstanding pioneer work at SHK Essen: the development from shower tray to enamelled shower surface

Increasing standards and changing requirements of people in the bathroom are evident in the creation of ever new products and creative solutions....

Ahlen, April 2014

A brief typology of showering reveals what pleasure showerers, quick showerers and family showerers want in a bathroom

Much in life is a question of type. From the choice of outfit through to the furnishing of our own four walls. Modern spatial design in particular opens up many...

Ahlen, January 2014

Enamelled shower surfaces, steel enamel baths with electronic controls and Sound Wave bath audio system offer guests exclusive relaxation

On 31 January 2014 the acclaimed hotel chain operator 25hours opened its first design hotel in Berlin’s historic building ensemble, Bikini...

Ahlen, January 2014

Kaldewei equips 5-star de luxe hotel The Chedi in Swiss Alpine destination with free-standing baths

High peaks, deep canyons, wild waterfalls and quiet lakes – nestled harmoniously amid a landscape of imposing Swiss mountains, The Chedi subtly blends tradition with modernity....

Christoph Hoffmann, CEO/partner of the 25hours Hotel Company explains why Kaldewei perfectly fits the philosophy of the hippest hotel in Berlin

Kaldewei system solutions guarantee clean, reliably sealed and stylishly designed shower areas

Ahlen, March 2013

New 5-star hotel opts for baths of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5mm. The Waldorf Astoria in New York is doubtlessly one of the most noted hotels in the world. Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts has now opened its first branch in Germany. The 5-star establishment in Berlin’s West End...

Ahlen, March 2013
New interior shape of comfortable duo bath extends successful Kaldewei Puro range

Ahlen, January 2013
Baths and enamelled shower surfaces transform into individual design objects

Nothing cheers us more after the cold winter months than watching spring awaken. Nature bursting into buds, an ever increasing plethora of plants displaying their first flush of blooms. Inspired by this,...