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The bathroom: a sanctuary in times of stress

Bathroom solutions from Kaldewei create wellness oases for your home

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, June 2020 – People are currently spending a lot of time within their own four walls. What with WFH, child care and other daily duties, we often have little room for...

Press – Releases

First virtually invisible anti-slip finish for enamelled shower surfaces made of Kaldewei steel enamel

Kaldewei Secure Plus from Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG, Ahlen, opens up a new chapter in surface finishes. The premium manufacturer now offers the first virtually invisible full-surface finish for...

Ahlen, March 2014

New acoustic bath combines wellness with individual music enjoyment

The new Sound Wave acoustic bath from Kaldewei underlines once more the company’s role as a pioneer in bathroom culture. The first bath audio system introduced by the premium manufacturer enhances the experience...

Ahlen, January 2013
Baths and enamelled shower surfaces transform into individual design objects

Nothing cheers us more after the cold winter months than watching spring awaken. Nature bursting into buds, an ever increasing plethora of plants displaying their first flush of blooms. Inspired by this,...

Ahlen, July 2011. – Bathe, moisturise, done – that used to be how relaxing in the bath ended even as the bathroom, with its high quality, elegant fittings, increasingly became a designer-standard oasis of peace for relaxation and caring for body and mind. The “retreat” atmosphere is complemented...

Kaldewei introduces three new lighting systems for bathtubs

Ahlen, March 2010. – Immerse in a sea of light and colour: the three new Kaldewei lighting systems for baths – “spectral light”, “underwater spotlights” and “indirect lighting” – make it possible. It has been known for centuries that light...